Company Overview

The Company is Product based. Our key strategic objective is going, bidding and breeding for Products that are streamlined according to our core functions and resources capability.

We partner with our clients to offer the most complete and innovative solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Core Principles

Nkomi Boerbok’s mission is to be the best service provider in our region.
To achieve this goal, we focus relentlessly on carrying out our business principles, which are fundamental to everything we do, they are to:

Aspire to be the best

  • Be client-driven, consistently delivering the best products and services in a cost-effective way;
  • Execute superbly in every project we undertake

Build a great Team

  • Operate with highest standards of Integrity,
  • Be open and honest with our clients;
  • Foster an environment of respect.

Our core principle of doing only “first –class” business is never compromised.